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  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Art direction
  • Creative
  • User Experience [UX / UI]
  • Web Development / Web Design
  • Copywriting
  • Brochure design
  • Photography & videography
  • Print communications

  • [h3 customclass="white-txt uppercase heading medium-small-txt no-pad-bottom" ] Back story[/h3] Cohort is a young and innovative company that provides products and services to the education sector, offering a fairer deal for students paying their tuition fees, insurance and many other services required when studying overseas. From their origins as a start up in 2011, Cohort has a presence in 11 countries and has helped over 30,000 students achieve their dreams. Unfortunately, despite the considerable amount of buzz and accolades from government, industry and media, the target market globally generally had little knowledge of the services Cohort offered. Internally, Cohort also had some difficultly reining in their confusing range of offerings and defining what was brand and what was product. Cohort came to Prodigy+ to assist them with clearing the confusion and revitalising the brand experience.

    [h3 customclass="white-txt uppercase heading medium-small-txt no-pad-bottom" ] Brand story[/h3] Cohort needed a radical new approach for above-the-line communications. One that offered clarity, resonated with people, fostered brand recognition and positioned them for future growth. Prodigy+ ran a series of workshops, interviews and focus groups to intimately understand the business, mapped out the brand strategy and architecture for both Cohort, the parent company, and for their consumer brand – Cohort Go. This included evolving the visual language of Cohort Go with conceptual development and art direction of the brand story, photography style and crafting a positive tone-of-voice to spark conversation, and not speak at their audiences. The strategy was anchored by the idea of ‘Uniting the global student community for life’s journey’ which succinctly reflects the core objective of the business. The new identity injects much needed energy and life into the brand without sacrificing a sense of trustworthiness and authority, empowering the brand across diverse target sectors. The dynamic logo suite is versatile and adaptable and will grow alongside Cohort’s future endeavours. [/column][/row]